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Visiting the Communist Party History Memorial Hall

On June 26, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, all Party members of law firm are visiting the Communist Party History Memorial Hall to better understand the party history and traditions.

We visited the exhibition hall of the glorious history of the Communist Party in Qingdao. The exhibition shows the historical development of the Communist Party of China in Qingdao, reviews the hard and outstanding struggle history of Qingdao since the establishment of the party. Photos and objects let you review the hard years when Qingdao Party led people to strive for national independence and people’s liberation.

Through this visit and study, we understand the mission of the Communists Party, from the party’s hundred year of struggle, we shall inherit the red spirit of our ancestors. We should bear in mind the glorious history, and strive to realize the Chinese dream.