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Transnational Matters Cross Border Solution Team

Basing on the many years of focusing on foreign legal practice, by this team inviting, we joined the team of US International lawyer, cross border solution team. Transnational Matters is a legal practice focused on international arbitration, cross-border solutions and business litigation. Design innovative strategies for clients facing complex international arbitrations, court challenges, and enforcement actions.

Our international arbitration attorneys regularly represent private corporations, state-owned enterprises, governments and investors in arbitration venues around the world. Our multilingual team has a proven history of achieving positive outcomes and is committed to your success. We regularly collaborate with foreign local counsel to coordinate and manage multijurisdictional litigation and work closely with clients through all aspects of cross-border disputes. We have an impressive track record of securing injunctive and other interim relief in the U.S. and foreign jurisdictions and enforcing judgments and arbitral awards. Given the complex substantive and procedural issues involved in international litigation, having the powerful representation our firm provides is crucial.