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Our Lawyer Appointed as Mediators and Conciliators of Qingdao Maritime Court

Qingdao Maritime Court  has conducted the appointment of specially invited mediators and conciliators in accordance with the “Opinions Of The Supreme People’s Court On Further Deepening The Reform Of Diversified Dispute Resolution Mechanism Of The People’s Court”, ” Provisions Of The Supreme People’s Court On Specially Invited Mediation Of The People’s Court”, and “Opinions Of Shandong Supreme People’s Court On Carrying Out Specially Invited Mediation”. Lawyer Li Zhe and Lawyer Wang Shuyuan of our law firm are employed as specially invited mediators and conciliators of Qingdao Maritime Court for three years.

Lawyer Li Zhe graduated from Qingdao University, majoring in law and international politics with a bachelor’s degree. His main business direction is maritime and insurance business.

Lawyer Wang Shuyuan graduated from Tianjin University of science and technology, majoring in law with a bachelor’s degree. Her main business direction is maritime business, financial insurance business, company litigation business, merger and reorganization business.

The maritime affairs department  of Shandong Win & Win law firm is composed of several partners and professional lawyers with rich experience in the field of maritime affairs, as well as experts in navigation, maritime investigation, maritime consultation and evaluation and other related fields. The maritime business team is not only proficient in maritime legal affairs, but also has accumulated rich experience in the business and operation of maritime related fields. The maritime business team has a good relationship with government agencies, judicial agencies, insurance agencies and appraisal agencies in relevant fields, and has a strong coordination ability. Maritime business team provides professional legal services for domestic and foreign customers for a long time, and has rich experience in litigation and non-litigation business.

Specific business areas include: Disputes over liability for collision damage of ships; maritime rescue; disputes over wrecking and removal of obstacles; disputes over marine environmental pollution; disputes over contracts for marine engineering construction; disputes over contracts for port operations; disputes over construction, repair, sale and financing of ships; disputes over liability for damage to Mariculture; disputes over contracts for insurance of ships and goods; disputes over contracts for carriage of goods by sea; contracts for charter of ships disputes; freight agency contract disputes; maritime personal injury disputes; crew labor / service contract disputes; perennial legal advisory services provided by shipping enterprises and large-scale fishery companies; corporate financing, design of share stock, merger and acquisition, investment risk assessment, insurance consulting and other legal affairs of shipping enterprises and large-scale fishery companies.

As a comprehensive law firm, since its establishment, Shandong Win & Win law firm has actively participated in public welfare activities and law popularization activities, actively assisted the government in its work, and maintained good relations with government agencies, judicial departments and other sectors of society. The lawyers of Win & Win law firm are recognized and supported by clients, judicial organs and other sectors of society with honest, professionalism and integrity. In the future, Shandong Win & Win law firm will continue to give full play to its professional capabilities, provide professional legal advice to customers and build a legal society together.

Specially invited mediation refers to a mediation activity in which the court absorbs qualified mediation organizations or individuals such as people’s mediation, administrative mediation, commercial mediation, and industrial mediation to become specially invited mediation organizations or specially invited mediators, accepts the court’s pre filing commission or entrusts the court to conduct mediation according to law after filing, and promote the parties to reach a mediation agreement and resolve disputes on the basis of equal consultation.

Specially invited mediation can effectively integrate social dispute resolution resources, reduce the parties’ litigation burden, effectively save judicial costs and optimize the allocation of judicial resources. At the same time, through the connection of litigation and mediation, it is more conducive to judicial dispute resolution and judicial service function to extend outward, to meet the needs of people’s multi-level, multi-channel, low-cost and efficient dispute resolution.