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Enforcing the Award Of Qingdao Arbitration

Everyone knows the enforcement of court judgement, but has little knowledge of arbitration. In 1997, Qingdao Arbitration Commission is ranked by the Department of Justice of Shandong Province as the Demonstration Window offering Civilized Services, the only one among the Shandong provincial arbitration commissions. In 2000, 2005, and 2007, it is awarded the Advanced Arbitration Commission of Shandong Province.

After obtaining successful award from Qingdao Arbitration Commission, however the defendant did not perform the award. Client entrust Win & Win law firm to handle this dispute. After our attorneys reviewed this case, this was trade dispute, the defendant Qingdao Company attended the hearing of arbitration, but its arguments were denied by arbitrators.

So, attorney submitted this case to Qingdao Intermediate Court to enforce this award. After the defendant received summon from court, considered that they had no merits in this case, and discussed with Judge to perform this award without further punishment. This dispute was successfully solved.