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Partner Kevin Awarded as Committeeman of Foreign Dispute Resolving Professional Board

Shandong Bar Association is a legally established non-profit association, executing management of attorney of Shandong province, proving professional service, accepting supervising and directing from Judicial Bureau and Civil Affairs of Shandong Province. Professional Board is specialized working organization for directing the practice and progress of attorney.

The principal of Bar Association is abiding by constitutions and law of China, complying with professional moral and practice discipline, serving the economic and social developing, protecting the whole interest of profession. Taking effort for building socialism legal system and harmony of society and developing of civilization.

Kevin Liu of Win & Win Law Firm had obtained master degree of International Economic Law, during ten years of attorney’s practice, he had solved hundreds of cases involving foreign issue, and obtain the good reputation from overseas, and recommended by this law firm, after wholly assessment by Bar Association, attorney Kevin was elected as Professional member of Foreign Dispute Resolving Professional Board of Shandong Province. This is honor to Kevin Liu and also to Win & Win Law Firm.