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Internet + culture promote higher level of digital justice

The Symposium of the presidents of the National High Court and the National Working Conference on court cultural construction were held in the Supreme People’s court.

1.Create an “Internet +” dispute resolution model, and vigorously carry forward the traditional culture of “peace is precious”. Adhering to the non litigation dispute resolution mechanism, all people’s courts and 5068 grass-roots dispute resolution organizations in the province have access to the mediation platform of the people’s court, realizing one click links with more than 20 dispute resolution platforms such as notarization and people’s mediation, and enhancing the guiding force of “Internet + culture”. Automatically provide “calculate the litigation risk account” and other tips, and produce animation propaganda videos to guide the masses in rational litigation. In 2021, the number of cases received by courts in the province decreased by 11.3% year-on-year, making it the province with the largest decline in the country. Since the beginning of this year, the number of civil and commercial cases in the first instance has decreased by 11.5%.

2.Create a “24-hour online court” model and vigorously enhance the influence of smart judicial culture. Adhere to the goal of “three services” and promote a “24-hour court” that is full process, paperless and online in real time. The parties can file a case online, pay and refund fees, court trial, delivery, etc. without leaving home. The ratio of online filing, identification, and delivery has reached 94.9%, 99.7%, and 92.7% respectively. Mass litigation is more convenient and efficient. We will build an Internet unified identity authentication system, with a total of 1.573 million registered users and IP access to 22 countries, so as to enhance the international dissemination of smart justice. Upgrade the smart court 4.0 system, build more than 1500 Internet courts, 25 types of cases are “generated with one click” by electronic pleadings, 9 types of common civil cases are generated with high accuracy by judicial documents, and the online generation rate of judicial documents is 94.7%, so that “Internet + culture” can be integrated into physical trials. Establish a supervision system that vertically connects all trial levels and horizontally links all nodes to achieve “one network in the province, one network to the end”. Since 2018, the average case handling cycle of courts in the province has been shortened from 87.7 days to 59.5 days. In the evaluation of the construction of smart courts in China last year, Shandong high court ranked first in the country.
3.Give full play to the role of the new media matrix, form an integrated pattern of “Lu FA financial media”, and carry out all media live broadcasts of “wechat kickgroup first case” and other cases. The total dissemination volume of the series of works is more than 1.2 billion people (Times) per year, singing the main melody of the construction of the rule of law and the culture of the court. We vigorously promoted sunshine justice, published 9.909 million judicial documents, ranking first in the country, and maintained a 100% disclosure rate of case process information, demonstrating the openness and confidence of China’s judiciary. The recently released index of judicial transparency in China shows that Shandong high court ranks second in the country.