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Social Responsibility

Lawyers of our law firm provide service for the lawyer mediation center

On November 10, Qingdao Shinan lawyers mediation center was established, which marks the establishment of a professional organization in Shinan District to provide mediation services for the public, providing a new way and platform for Shinan lawyers to give full play to their functions.

The mediation center mainly accepts civil and commercial disputes, administrative disputes and other disputes that are suitable for the mediation center to accept, including the disputes that the parties apply for mediation, and the disputes appointed (entrusted) by people’s courts at all levels, people’s governments at all levels and their functional departments, social organizations and other organizations.
The establishment of Qingdao lawyer mediation center aims to guide the lawyers in the region to play their professional advantages, occupation advantages and practical advantages, intervene in the mediation before litigation, realize the interactive docking between lawyers’ professional legal services and mediation work, resolve all kinds of disputes and disputes in time, save judicial resources and litigation costs, and promote the construction of diversified dispute resolution system, and strive to meet the needs of the people in the new era. The needs of legal services make the lawyer mediation system a useful supplement to social governance, and make positive contributions to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, maintaining social harmony and stability, and maintaining social fairness and justice.

The first batch of 78 lawyers mediators came from 27 law firms, including law firm directors, partners and senior lawyers who have worked for many years. They also include the “sincere and sincere mediation lawyer team” who has cooperated with Qingdao TV life service channel for many years. As a team of professional legal talents with high political quality and strong business background, they will analyze each case from a more professional legal perspective as a neutral third party, and resolve social conflicts in a diversified way to achieve the goal of “the case is concluded” by integrating the interests of all parties, taking into account the legal effect and social effect.