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Social Responsibility

Lawyer attended the 2018 meeting of Energy and Environment Protection Committee

Senior Partner Kevin Liu of Win & Win Law Firm attended the 2018 meeting of Qingdao Attorney Association Energy and Environment Protection Committee. In the meeting, all members concluded that attorney shall play actively in the environment protection, and having important role in the public interest litigation of environment. And to enforce the law and abide by law, attorney will achieve great success for the benefit of people.

After a long period of development, a large number of excellent lawyers with excellent business and style and some large-scale, highly specialized and well reputable law firms have emerged, which play an important role in maintaining the correct implementation of the law, promoting social progress and the construction of democracy and legal system. With the purpose of uniting and leading the members, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, safeguarding the correct implementation of the law, and safeguarding social fairness and justice, the new leading group of the association has led the lawyers of the whole city to strive for the construction of a socialist country ruled by law with Chinese characteristics and the promotion of social harmonious development and civilization progress.