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Successful Solving International Trade Case

This case is an international sales contract dispute. Our Hungary client purchased a batch of solid color stretch film giant roll from a trading company located in Qingdao. After the arrival of the goods, our client found the goods was not in accordance with the contract. Ljubljana Customs, Republic of Slovenia, inspected that only some of the trays of the goods shipped were good quality. Defendant was breaching obligations in contract. On behalf of our client, we brought a lawsuit against defendant in Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court.

After accepting the case, we analyzed the evidence carefully and found that the Email communication records of both parties can effectively explain that the defendant had admitted the goods were severely inconsistency with contract. Also, in Email, the defendant promised to compensate, yet unable to fulfill. During the trial, we fully explained to the judge about facts of case and submitted the exactly notarial Email which could prove that the defendant should be responsible for breaching the contract and fully compensate our client. Through our effort, the court adopted our point of view and judged the defendant to compensate for the plaintiff with interest. We successfully protected the legitimate rights and interests of client.