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Partner Zhang Linqiang

Zhang Linqing
Title: Partner Attorney, Director
Areas of Practice: Maritime, Foreign Affair
Education: Wuhan University School of Law
Degree: Master of Maritime Law
Membership Association:
China Lawyers Association
Shandong Lawyer Association

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Attorney Zhang Specializing on solving international commercial dispute, emphasis on foreign related matters in the fields of international trade, commercial business. And, Disputes over liability for compensation for collision of ships, disputes over marine insurance contracts, disputes over property insurance contracts, disputes over contract for carriage of goods by sea, salvage and removal, marine environmental pollution, disputes over ship leasing contracts, disputes over ship repair contracts, mergers and acquisitions of companies, etc. Attorney Zhang is also excellent professional member of Maritime Professional Committee of Qingdao Lawyer Association.


  • People’s Property Insurance Co., Ltd of China suing Maersky Shipping Co., Ltd. for disputes over shipping contracts;
  • Oriental International Trade Co., Ltd and Best Ship Holding S.A. series of disputes caused by collision of ships at sea include: collision liability, wreck salvage, oil pollution damage and other cases;
  • American Steamship and“LIAOZHUANGYU” disputes over compensation for collision damage of ships at sea;
  • Case of Compensation Disputes between Aquaculture Co., Ltd. of Japan and Aquaculture Co., Ltd. of RongCheng City;
  • Disputes over Marine oil pollution damage compensation between Weihai Maritime Consulting Center and INVESTMENTS Ltd.
  • Case of ship collision disputes between Weihai Shipping Co., Ltd. and Marine Transport (Singapore) Private Limited at sea;
  • Case of collision dispute between Nanjing Shipping Co., Ltd. and AMSTERDAM NAVIGATION LIMITED.
  • Disputes over shipping contracts of Shouguang Shipping Co., Ltd. suing Port Shipping Co., Ltd;
  • Shanghai Salvage Engineering Co., Ltd. disputes over contracts salvage at sea;
  • Case of disputes over Maritime Ship Collision Damage Compensation of Shandong Fisheries Group Co., Ltd. suing LILY SHIPPING COMPANY LIMITED;
  • Case of Dock construction contract disputes Port Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Case of ship collision disputes between Rongcheng Fisheries Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Ocean Fisheries Co., Ltd.
  • Case of Ship repair contract dispute Pacific Holdings Limited and Qingdao Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • The disputes between Qingdao Maritim and Qingdao Development Corporation over the use rights of wharfs, coastlines, sea areas and open sea areas;
  • Case of Marine Cargo Insurance Contract Disputes between Qingdao Fisheries Co., Ltd. suing People’s Property Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Case of charter party dispute between Rongcheng Fisheries Co., Ltd. and GREEN SHIPPING.

  • Lawyer of People’s Property Insurance of China Co., Ltd.
  • Lawyer of the project service team of risk review for litigation property preservation liability insurance business of People’s Property Insurance of China Co., Ltd
  • Lawyer of the legal service team of Shandong Maritime Bureau;
  • Qingdao municipal government procured “online supermarket” supplier bank lawyers;
  •  Legal Adviser of Qingdao Fishing Co., Ltd.
  • Legal Adviser of Taiwan Oil Products Co., Ltd.
  • Legal Adviser of Rongcheng Aquatic Products Co., Ltd.


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