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Partner Liu Hailiang

Liu Hailiang
Title: Partner Attorney, Director
License No.: 13702201210183727
Areas of Practice: Banking and Finance, Intellectual Property;
Education: Qingdao University
Degree: Master of law
Membership Association:
China Lawyers Association
Shandong Lawyer Association

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Attorney Liu Hailiang graduated from the Law School of Qingdao University, majoring in procedural law, with a master’s degree in law, and is now a member of the Chinese Law Society. The main business directions are financial business, real estate, construction engineering and infrastructure construction business, enterprise restructuring, merger and acquisition reorganization business, and government legal services. In many years of practice experience, relying on exquisite business ability and rigorous and serious work style, we have solved many difficult and complex cases for the parties and won the unanimous praise of customers. Attorney Liu Hailiang also is excellent professional member of Commerce Committee of Qingdao Lawyers Association.


  • Providing legal services for Qingdao Daily newspaper office and completed legal risk investigation and preventive measures;
  • Providing legal services for the government of Qingdao City, in the resettlement project of residents’ relocation and company restructuring and transformation.
  • Providing litigation and non-litigation legal services for the government of Qingdao, in the compilation project of administrative law enforcement procedures, and provided normative guidance for the law enforcement of various departments of the government of Qingdao.
  • Providing legal services for the Qingdao High-tech Zone, responsible for contract negotiation, drafting and revision of government projects in the High-tech Zone, and providing legal support for its investment promotion.
  • Providing litigation and non-litigation legal services for China Life Bank Co., Ltd., and providing legal support for resolving the risk of non-performing loans.
  • Providing litigation and non-litigation legal services for Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. providing legal support for its resolution of non-performing loan risks.
  • Legal adviser to Qingdao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., providing daily legal services in project development, negotiation, risk internal control, etc.
  • Providing litigation legal services for Haier Group Co., Ltd. solving litigation cases.
  • Providing legal services for asset securitization business of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd.
  • Provided legal services for a real estate group company to acquire a real estate project;



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