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Equal protection of the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese and foreign parties

On July 22, Shandong High People’s court held a press conference of “equal protection of the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese and foreign parties”, publish 8 typical cases, and issue 10 legal risk tips for international trade activities.

Shandong High People’s court continues to explore new modes of international litigation services, strengthen the in-depth integration of modern technology and foreign-related commercial and maritime trials, provide online filing, cross domain filing, online payment and other services for Chinese and foreign parties, conduct cross-border investigation and online trial activities, and creatively implement the “cross-border cloud justice” scheme, resolve the inconvenience caused by the impact of the epidemic and space limitations. Qingdao intermediate people’s court guided the plaintiffs in Gambia to submit case filing materials online and completed the first cross-border online case filing in China. Continuously deepen the cooperation and construction with industry associations, arbitration institutions and other departments, introduce specially invited mediators or entrusted arbitration institutions for mediation, and build a “one-stop” dispute resolution mechanism in line with the connection of litigation, arbitration and mediation, so as to meet the diversified judicial needs of Chinese and foreign parties. Produced Chinese and English versions of the guide to litigation in foreign-related commercial cases and the guide to proof in foreign-related commercial cases, provided litigation guidelines to Chinese and foreign parties, so as to regulate and guide commercial activities of Chinese and foreign market players and prevent legal risks.

News from: Shandong High People’s court